55ml Nevakar Liqueur Glasses – Pack of Six – By LAV


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The Nevakar range of Stemmed Liqueur Glasses from LAV serves as a representation of the company’s ongoing commitment to bring contemporary design and innovative styling to your drinking glassware
Exuding simple elegance and refined sophistication, the Tulip-style silhouette of these glasses has been designed to provide the perfect tasting experience The exaggerated bowl shape provides ample room for the complex flavours and aromas of your drink to mature and develop before encouraging them upward to gather at the top, serving as the perfect invitation for their guest to engage their senses A subtle flare at the lip of the glass directs the liquid across as much of the tongue as possible, maximising flavour
Like all LAV glassware, these schnapps glasses are dishwasher safe for hassle free cleaning
Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function, the Nevakar collection of Stemware is sure to fill your home with LAV Shop the range today
Features and Benefits
Pack of 6 Glasses – Your complete dining table set up!
Traditional Stemmed Design – A more elegant, sophisticated alternative to regular shot glasses
Vintage “Tulip” Shape – Wide bowl allows room for the flavours and aromas of your sherry, liqueur, or wine to develop, while the flared rim helps direct the liquid to the perfect part of your palate
Dishwasher Safe – For hassle free cleaning