565ml Brotto Classic Beer Glasses – Pack of Six – By LAV


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These Brotto Beer Glasses from LAV make it easy to add safety, practicality and durability to your glassware collection The perfect serving vessel for your favourite craft beers, IPA and Ales, each boasts a distinctive tulip pint shape specially tailored to transform every sip into a true tasting experienceThe tulip pint glass is one of the two most traditional and iconic beer glass shapes of all, the Tulip beer glass is a classic in the Hospitality industry This generic shape boasts universal appeal and provides a versatile service for numerous beers, ciders, lagers, ales and more Made from high-quality glass, the Tulip is a cost-effective and durable choiceThe stylish contours of the glass have a sleek smooth feel making for a comfortable and effortless hold The glass has rolled rims and a reinforced base creating the perfect durable long-lasting pint glass, for any personal or professional kitchenFeatures and BenefitsClassic ‘Tulip Pint’ Glass Shape – The perfect traditional and iconic beer glassCrafted From High-Quality Glass – Perfect for home or professional use; exceptional clarity shows off the rich colours of your beverageReinforced Base – For improved strength & resilienceRolled Rims – Provides resistance against chipping if knocked or dropped2 Year Warranty – With a dedicated Customer Service Team committed to providing peace of mind from our door to yoursSize and Specifications
Capacity: 565cm
Diameter: 8cm
Height: 18cm