Childrens Bamboo Bowl with Suction Cup – By Tiny Dining


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The Tiny Dining range of Bamboo Bowls is the mealtime revolution that beleaguered parents have been waiting for, with innovative ‘stay put’ suction technology that keeps them fixed to the table top, immune to the impact of flailing little limbs
Each dish has been expertly crafted from natural 100% bamboo, providing incredible strength and resilience while also enjoying all the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of the bamboo plant Perfectly designed for meals at all times of day, the heat-resistant properties of bamboo lets you serve even hot foods with confidence, keeping tiny fingers protected should they reach out and touch the sides
The star of this particular culinary show, however, is the large ‘stay put’ suction cup – attach to the base of your bowl, press down onto the table top or high chair, and relax as the dish remains firmly fixed in place – no more of those social media pictures, thankyou very much!
Once feeding time is over, simply pull the tiny tab on the edge of the suction pad to release
PRO TIP: To best preserve and prolong the life of your Bamboo Tableware, we recommend washing by hand Once a month, wipe down with coconut oil or beeswax to keep the bamboo supple and strong
Features and Benefits:
Made from 100% bamboo – Organic & eco-friendly; naturally anti-bacterial & anti-microbial
Silicone Suction Pad – Attaches to underside of plate and sticks tight to table tops, high chairs etc
Hand Wash Recommended – Wipe with beeswax or coconut oil once a month to maintain optimum condition
Matching Plates & Spoons Available – Your complete dining setup!
Product Specifications:

Diameter: 136cm
Height: 6cm