Spanish Gin Glasses – 645ml – Pack of 4 – By Rink Drink


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This set of2 Gin Goblets from Rink Drink will serve as the perfect tonic to hot summer days, with a large bowl eagerly waiting to be packed full of ice, herbs, fruit and – most importantly – flavour
Originating in Spain, the balloon glass or copa de balon has found increasing popularity around the world as an alternative to the traditional highball glassPart of the reason for this is the large size of the bowl – a striking statement piece that also allows for a larger variety and quantity of ingredients and decorations to be added to your gin The large opening also allows the aromas produced by those ingredients to gather, making them easier to appreciate and thereby transforming every sip into a true tasting experienceThe long, slender stem of our glasses keeps fingers away from the drink itself, helping to keep it cooler and more refreshing for longer than the traditional tumblerPerfect for use in both the home and professional bars and restaurants alike, our Rink Drink Spanish Gin and Tonic Glasses are dishwasher safe for easy, hassle-free cleaning

Features and Benefits:
Spanish Copa de Balon Balloon Glass Shape – Oversized Bowl allows for more ingredients, more ice and more flavour!
Elongated Stem – An elegant style that also stops fingertips warming your drink
Dishwasher Safe – For convenient, hassle-free cleaning

Size and Specifications:

Quantity: 4 Glasses
Capacity: 645ml
Diameter: 95cm
Height: 20cm